SINCE 1970

Major Distillerie

Our small distillery is located just outside the town of Cagli, in the Marche region of Italy. We opened our new premises a few years ago, moving from our historic site to a facility better suited to the business of today. From the outside, you can already see the entire production zone and how our products are made. A display area with bar offers hospitality to all our customers.

Our location,
and beyond...

Our surrounding area has always strongly influenced our range of products and their quality and personality. The historic Montefeltro district and its many stories have also inspired complementary product lines: we believe the secret of pleasure lies in many different sensations.

A sip of the past
or the future.

Starting from the raw material, the local food, wine and distilling traditions are closely interwoven in the progression from the home-made "goccia" ["just a drop"] that locals used to enjoy to the most cosmopolitan liqueur, in products that taste of the past but also offer more unusual favours.